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SMDC Residences 50-story Residential Apartment Access Control Case Study

Project Description

SMDC Residences, is a vertical village which is the tallest apartment located in Taft Avenue in Manila, just steps from De La Salle University, stands a 50-story building with 3,378 units from the 9th floor up to the top. The ground floor is open for public shoppers. To manage, monitor and control the massive count of public-access and to safeguard all unit owners, SMDC Residences selected and gave trust to the biological verification all-in-one card system for door and elevator access and boom barriers for parking access, provided by ZKTeco with the effort and support of STI Company and Nanotec Corporation (ZKTeco Philippine Distributor). With regards to existing equipment, STI integrates the controllers for better functionality. This system helps the company to strongly maintain the security order, to improve the monitoring structure and to strengthen the management organization. With this in mind, we could guarantee you that you’re fully secured while you’re at SMDC Residences Taft Manila.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Access Control

ZKTeco Single Lane Flap Barrier Turnstile
(w/ controller and fingerprint & RFID reader)


ZKTeco Flap Barrier Turnstile for additional Lane
(w/ controller and fingerprint & RFID reader)


ZKTeco Single Lane Swing Barrier Turnstile
(w/ controller and combination fingerprint & RFID reader)


ZKTeco Green Label Physical Mifare DesFire Card
Access Reader-RS485


ZKTeco Electric Strike


ZKTeco Electric Bolt Brackets in Frameless Glass Door


ZKTeco Emergency Break Glass


ZKTeco Green Label InBio460 Pro Access Control Panel
w/ PSU & Metal Casing

InBio460 Pro Box

ZKTeco Power Supply w/o Battery Leads


ZKTeco Power Supply w/ Battery Leads


Access Control Module
Web-based Access Control Software

ZKTeco BioSecurity
Access Control Module

Technical Features:

FingerPrint and ID card information comparison function. This system is the first system that adopts the finger print and ID card information comparison on the background control panel. Residents are biometrically verified by fingerprint to ensure the authenticity of the identity plus also given an ID card for comparison.

Powerful Multi-Identification System. This system is an embedded biometric recognition and RFID identification. To ensure high security of the property and residents. They are only eligible to access the areas they are authorized to.

All residents’ identities are registered and some are issued with cards for access to specific areas with specific purposes. Cards are loaded with particular staffs’ personal information and their specific access rights to certain ares.

Function Description:

• Highly-Expandable and Strongly Compatible Management Platform. The access control system management software ZKBioSecurity supports the access of third-party IPCs including Hikvision and Dahua devices. This management platform integrates the access control, elevator control, visitor management, video and time attendance modules.

RFID-based System. Users’ card are verified by ProID20. With the RFID-based Entrance Management System, visitors, residence and staffs in the building, before using lifts, are required to swipe their badges, achieving management access.

ZKTeco’s flap barriers are designed for an extendable entrance control system. ZKBioSecurity3.0 is deployed as the central management software of the entrance control system. It is an access control system management platform based on the browser/server architecture.