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Industry Description

Industry Description

One Smart Card Solution

ZKTeco One card Solution ensures users' convenience of using apartments' entrance control, lift-car access control, access time or attendance recording, club facilities use recording with just one single card. The building manager can have complete building security with one solution, universal card readers are available in a Basic Unit or the more sophisticated Enterprise Model. Apart from the basic access control functions by the standalone system, ZKTeco also offers a variety of add-on modules for higher flexibility and customization. (Please contact ZKTeco for more detailed information.)

Access Control

Cards are used to open doors of enterprise building, fitness center, cafeteria, and other facilities, campus entrance, and to gain access to specific doors.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

ZKTeco One Card Solution is able to integrate time and attendance functions into the existing universal card readers which optimizes value while minimizing the cost. With attendance taken in office, campus's efficiency are much enhanced that users can user their cards to quick check in as they enter their rooms.

 Visitors System

 It is available to issue visitors temporary cards to ensuring site's safety and protection. ZKTeco One card Solution also supports visitor management     functions. Proper visitor registration is one of the very crucial security safeguards that enables enterprise administrators to know who are visiting and   which buildings are being visited  and the purpose of visiting.


Parking and Transportation

Contactless smart cards help parking facilities function smoothly, safely and reliably, with the option of electronic access control to eliminate the need for guards at entrances. Students, faculty and staff can also use their cards to enter the transportation services, as well as the car parking lot.

Entrance Control

ZKTeco One Card Solution is straight forward to most users as it integrates smart card to entrance control managed by an access control system or    punch card. After authoring input from the access control system, users may gain access.

Elevator Control

ZKTeco’s elevator control allows different user to access floors, it can be assigned with different floor access rights, and unauthorized users are not    allowed to access those important floors. In the actual implementation, users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow user to reach to the assigned level. This will enable the security management of the whole building elevator access control using the elevator controller installed   on each elevator car.

Patrol Guard

Patrol guards are required to perform their patrol duties according to the customized routes and check in at every checkpoint, and they are now also    assigned to  the unit of ZKTeco One Card Solution. By simply using the patrol guard's smart card in specific checkpoints, it confirms checking-in with its   smart card verification.

Smart Card with Access Control And Time Attendance Function

Cards are used to open doors to enterprises' building by simply swiping cards on card readers, and card owners are allowed to exit. ZKTeco Once Card Solution also allows card readers to act as time and attendance machines. After presenting cards on card readers, the card owners' attendance will be taken at the specific places, e.g. office, campus, which enables faster attendance taking.

Visitor Registration With Temporary Cards

Temporary cards can also be issued to visitor by simple registration of visitors' information and the corresponding time and date with ZKBioSecurity software. The cards grant visitors access to specific areas. If visitors are authorized to book rooms, they are also able to register rooms and elevators for meetings and other activities.

Elevator Control With Designated Level

Levels Assigned by Users

Once the hotel locks are connected to the elevators and access control modules, the ZKTeco elevator control will allow different user to access floors, it can be assigned with different rights, and unauthorized users are not allowed to access those important floors. In the actual implementation, users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow user to reach to the assigned level. This will enable the security management of the whole building elevator access control using the elevator controller installed on each elevator car.

Elevator Operation Limitation by Timeslots

ZKTeco Elevator Control is able to limit elevators’ operation in specific time. For actual implementation, if the elevator control was set to stop operating to go upward between 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Unauthorized persons will only be allowed to go downward even with cards for floor access.

Global Linkage Function With Smart Card

ZKTeco One Card Solution supports ZKBioSecurity which is able to provide Global Linkage Function. It is able to automate  system  functions  and notifications system wide.

There are multiple tiers to the alert process including Output point, Video Linkage, Active Time, Email Notification and Linkage Voice Prompts.

Output point

With Global I/O, Output point allows administrators to configure linkages where various events can be linked to any other input/ output/ events in the system. These linkages can be activated by various events with different access levels, invalid cards, unrecognized fingerprints and motion detection might trigger such outputs (Alarm, IPCamera...etc).

Video Linkage

Photo Capture and Pop-up video to video warn administrators when exceptional events take place. Video could include footage before the events events occur. Video length could be up to 180 seconds.

Active Time

Administrator can set an active time for the linkage by pre-defined time zones or date range.

Email Notification

Email notification allows an operator to send a message via email automatically whenever a specific trigger occurs.

Linkage Voice Prompts

Voice linkage will announce a series of warning messages which are accompanied by siren sounds. These linkage announcements will be triggered by particular actions.

Patrol Guard

Patrol Guard is an efficient module to manage your security employees completing all their patrols and at the correct time. Our guard tour systems use the latest technology to allow you to accurately monitor the times of patrols and when key areas have been visited.

The systems work by installing the access control at areas around the building to be checked. Security employees use their swipe their own smart card to these points to record the time visited. Using the existing access control readers, it reduces costs and ensures patrol tasks are completed.

Global Linkage - Monitoring Video Pop-up

The security linkage system comprises a video monitoring system, when there is an exceptional event, including a swiping of an unauthorized card on the card reader, monitoring video will pop up to warn administrator. Video length could be up to 180 seconds.

All In One Web Based Security Management Solution

Global Anti-Passback

Global Anti Passback is an advanced security function extending security level towards unregistered access, if any person enters the security area without authentication including tail-gating as the red colored person in the image below, then that person will be locked up in the security area, even if the person has the access right.

Global Interlock

Global Interlock is another advanced security function extending security level by interacting with different security areas. It prevents persons open more than one door at a time, even that persons have multi-door access authority, moreover, it can precisely appoint the access authority, such as activating specific doors access authority, when only the correlated doors locked up properly.

 One Card Solution

One Card Solution